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We strive to empower youth to make positive and successful life choices through opportunities & guidance.

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“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us”

  • Over 600 youth access programming each month
  • 1000’s of snacks are served each year
  • On average 5 youth are provided  emergency shelter & housing assistance in West Niagara each year

“My 12 year old son appeared withdrawn & was not making friends at school. I was concerned he was developing low self-esteem. He is a bright boy with a positive attitude & never had conflict at school…but something was missing…his spark.  I had heard about the FORT but thought it was only for troubled youth until I learned about their programs. I took him by the centre & he was grinning ear to ear as he checked out all of the games, computers, guitars & then I saw it….his spark!  He instantly felt comfortable & since attending programming last fall, he is back to himself & feels that needed sense of belonging. I am so grateful to have found the FORT”

  • In 2000, Grimsby experienced a rash of youth suicides
  • Local resident Elizabeth Arnold started a community dialogue about the lack of resources available to Grimsby youth
  • The FORT was created to prevent isolation by providing local youth with a support resource centre & a place to call their own
  • The FORT’s doors officially opened in Grimsby on March 1, 2001
  • Expanded to West Lincoln in 2012Expanded to Caistor Centre in 2013
  • Expanded to new location in West Lincoln in 2016
Organizational Structure

The FORT is governed by a community based, voluntary Board of Directors selected from a variety of sectors:  medical, community services, finance, business, human resources, management, legal and municipal services from within Niagara Region. Board members are appointed for a term as designated by that position.

Board of Directors
  • Sarah Parker,
  • Jo-Ann Senkalowski,
  • Angela Psiloyenis,
  • Michele Dellaire,
  • Agnes Sztanko,
  • Rebecca Cositt

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