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"We empower youth to make positive and

successful life choices through opportunities and guidance."

Every month, we provide hundreds of youth visitors in West Niagara access to free supervised programs, food, reliable support, priority access to crisis intervention resources across the Niagara Region and a place they can call their own!




"My parents can't afford to buy a lot of different craft supplies and take us on trips. It is really nice that the FORT is free because I can try new things without having to spend money. I probably wouldn't have been able to do a lot of the things that I have done if it weren't for the FORT these past few years.

—  Maizie, Youth

Every day, we hear from parents, youth and community members about the positive impact the FORT has on their lives and the lives of those around them 

"My 12 year old son appeared withdrawn & was not making friends at school. He is a bright boy with a positive attitude & never had a conflict at school... but something was missing... his spark. I took him to the nearby centre and he was grinning from ear to ear, and then I saw it- his spark! Since attending the program last fall, he is back to himself and feels that needed sense of belonging.

—  Diane, Parent

"I've heard the youth say with pride "this is my second home", and watching them click through channels on the TV, grab craft supplies when creativity strikes them and enthusiastically discussing the events of the day while lounging on the couch with friends, I couldn't agree more.

—  Jeannine, Volunteer

"The best thing about the FORT is that it allows me not to worry about my homework. I'm usually busy at home... so doing it at the FORT is great because I can get it out of the way and get help if I need it. I [also] have a lot more fun with my friends now that I come to the FORT... Before I started coming to the FORT I didn't get to see them very much. Now I get the chance to come and play games and sports and hang out with them every week!

—  Seth, Youth

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